In Case of Emergency Dial 911

An ISO Class 3 DepartmentPPC 3 applies to all properties within the Manteno Fire Protection Service Area that are within 5 road miles from the closest recognized responding fire station; including the listed recognized Automatic Aid Fire Department Fire Stations. PPC 10 applies to all properties within Manteno Fire Protection Service Area that are beyond 5 road miles from the closest recognized responding fire station.

Manteno Firefighter Core Values

Public servants are held in high esteem by the constituents with lofty expectations of ems/fire-rescue/public education-fire prevention service delivery. These people are life and property savers and are entrusted by society to react instantly, unselfishly, compassionately and professionally to a person’s emergency. Society expects our responders to be selected and their actions/priorities guided by certain principles to ensure their excellence. Our firefighters need to posses specific qualities to perform their job, they are as follows:

  • Leadership

We possess a respect for self, respect for others & responsibility for your actions. It is the capacity to listen and observe, use their expertise as a starting point for dialogue, allow for transparency in the decision making process and planning rather than reacting. Leaders are willing and able to take charge.  We believe all of our members have a responsibility to mentor others. You don’t need a title to be a leader.

  • Integrity – personal and professional

We value the public’s trust and are committed to honest and ethical behavior. We hold ourselves accountable and have a personal commitment to the fire district and the community. Self-discipline is the foundation for managing behavior.

  • Professionalism

We believe in detailed adherence to undeviating courtesy, honest, and responsibility in one’s dealings with the members of the fire district, as well as the community in which we serve.  Professionalism is not about your job title or self-proclaimed worth. It is about personal ethics, quality work, performance consistency and a positive attitude. It is about being your best and doing it without concern for who is, or is not watching you.

  • Accountability

We believe in a willingness to accept responsibility for our behavior and actions, both in our personal and professional life. We will seek out solutions/answers and not use ignorance as an excuse.

  • Respect

We are committed and accountable to each other because our lives depend on it. We value each member of our fire district and each member of our community. We respect those who came before us and will strive to make this fire district better for those who follow.